Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well, arriving in Julian at noon on a Saturday in autumn is not the best time to find an available parking space. But with a surprising bit of driving around it can be done. First we thought we would grab a bite at the Julian Grille – we were told it would just be 10 minutes. We waited longer than that and saw a couple of people seated that were there after us so we said ^*&% it and left, avoiding any confrontation. Mom’s Pie House was calling out to us anyhow. (And when I say “we” on this blog, I mean my lovely wife of 13 years, Linda and myself).

The line was surprisingly short, just barely out the door, so we took our place and were ordering pie within 5 minutes. We ordered a piece of Apple Boysenberry and a piece of Bumbleberry (Blackberry, Boysenberry and Blueberry), both with the crumb crust. I’m not entirely sure if bumbleberry is a type of berry or a term to describe a mixture of other berries. Both were delicious.

We also picked up a whole pie to take home. Went with the normal plain apple pie with the normal flaky crust.

It was very good and we finished up by Monday morning, but I preferred the apple with boysenberry. Oh, well. Next year!

When we left Mom’s the line was easily 20 people out the door so we got there at the right time.

This is just our second time to Julian. We went shortly after moving to San Diego 3 years ago. We’ve only been to Mom’s so I can’t say how the rest are. On the main street there are other choices to buy pie – some just from a window it seems. We also saw the rib place that got a horrible review at Chowhound. I wonder if it is really that bad - people were lined out the door here too. I heard a couple behind us excited to find out it was still there.


Blogger KirkK said...

Hi Scott - You know it's kind of funny; I've never been to Julian! It's always been one of those, well, we'll get there someday sort of place.

October 21, 2005 8:32 AM  
Blogger LB said...

'm glad you had a good Julian trip. We've tried it twice and it didn't work out for us either time. The two adults in the family are very prone to motion sickness and that trip just doesn't work for us! We did get to pick our own apples in fall 2003, although it seemed all the orchards were closed last year (fire-related, I guess).


October 27, 2005 7:26 AM  

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