Monday, February 13, 2006

Uh, Happy Valentines Day!

Anybody have great restaurant plans?

Usually the winter months in San Diego offer up some perfect weekends when the Santa Anas blow on in, and this weekend was a great one to be a dog on the beach:

This blog…
Somehow I discovered a website that shows what sites link to a blog, so I checked it out and discovered a few of the normal local culprits and one that found me because she bought that same stinky cheese a few months ago and found my blog. About that cheese, she writes: "This was foul. This was taking the envelope, stomping on it with muddy boots, then shredding it, and finally lighting the resulting scraps on fire. This was just plain wrong, and it had to be destroyed." It was pretty foul.

Otherwise, I don’t really know that Bloggy Blogger Blogspot has much in the way of tracking in the free version. Or maybe it does. Who knows? I must find a way to discover if I have 10 unique hits a week or 12!

Macy’s School of Cooking
I’ve written about the Macy’s School of Cooking at the Macy’s Home store in Mission Valley before. We found ourselves there at the last minute on Feb. 4th the Chocolate and Champagne Valentine's Celebration with Bernard Guillas (of The Marine Room). The 110 person capacity room was ¾ full – the biggest turnout I’ve seen.

Macy’s usually has a Saturday class and a Thursday class. Depending on what is involved it ranges from $10 to $25, sometimes a bit more. Sometimes it is an area chef doing his own class and sometimes Chef Bernard is there with a guest chef from an area restaurant (in these cases Chef Bernard is “demoted” to assistant) but this was a rare week that Chef Bernard took center stage and did all the cooking. He really knows his stuff and provided 2 hours of entertaining cooking. If you get a chance sometime, I highly recommend.

I’ve been meaning to write a little more about the items presented, and I may get around to that, but there is little time for that now since “Chocolatier” Michael of Chuao was also on hand with chocolate samples for all…side by side tastes of Venezuelan cacao, in various percentages and also chocolate from other regions.

…which leads us to a delicious mystery Valentines Day gift…

....what could it be now?

To be continued! Da da daaa!


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