Friday, March 03, 2006

Taco Truck Run In A Limo II

Get a load of this post from Chowhound LA board! What seems to be the 2nd annual event, his company takes out “a stretch limo stocked with top-shelf tequilas and spends the better part of eight hours touring the LA area for the best in taco trucks.” Wow. Sounds like a blast. I’m ready for it!

The place where food gets made.
We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel so I would think that I would have some restaurant reports – nope, haven’t been eating out much. Laying low. Playing it cheap. Taking it easy. Getting Von’s turkey breast (more meat than the rotisserie chicken it seems), or take out from Wong’s Wok (can’t go wong with Wong’s Wok, we always say) or El Pollo Loco (such a crazy chicken!)

And of course…

Have you met Cooper and Scully yet? It's true; dogs like to hike up Black Mountain.


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