Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Visiting San Diego

And by daylight this is what was left. I forgot to mention that maple syrup really isn’t my favorite pancake or french toast topping – I’d rather go with a fruitier syrup. There is a small dark berry called the elderberry that grows in clusters that makes a great syrup. I’d say that is my favorite. That was also a homemade syrup.

I hadn’t been posting much as we had a couple of visitors from out of state in March (my brother and his girlfriend for a few days and my wife’s sister for another couple of days) so that is always a good time to go out to eat. Oh, we made it to a half dozen or so restaurants but at this point I don’t have even enough mental notes left to put together any decent write-ups.

I had a pretty good sea bass at Claim Jumper of all places – listed on the menu as New Zealand Sea Bass Cut Thick & Sauteed, Braised in a Spicy Traditional Oaxacan Tomato Herb Broth & Served over Steamed Rice.

It was the simple restaurant of choice after a day of sightseeing driving (to the desert (Anza Borrego State Park) where it was 70 degrees and to Julian on the way back where it was snowing (and of course we just happened upon the obligatory pie at Mom’s) and to the beach at La Jolla Shores.) Whew – quite a range of weather.

Other than that, we had meals at all the normal rotation places: Just Fabulous (my brother nearly knocked over the wine rack and I nearly knocked over a table – oops! – they may not allow us back!) always a nice place for a meal and dessert, Mesquite and Takhrai Thai, both in Scripps Ranch – I think I’ve written about both of these here – if not I will eventually – and a mid afternoon dessert stop at some Extraordinary place not to mention a lunch stops at The Fish Market and Island Prime/C Level.

I was pleased enough with the meals I had at each place.

San Diego Restaurant Reviews
He mostly lets the photos tell the story; the San Diego Sunday Brunch Master is a great site to check out. He spent last year going to a different Sunday brunch each week, now, with his belly busting, he is checking out the rest of the restaurants that serve breakfast/brunch items on the weekend.

Restaurants I would like to try...
I’m pretty much thinking I’d like to go to Chilango's in Hillcrest and Mama Testa.

Any food events going on around here?
I just saw a BBQ and Chili cook-off show on The Food Network. I would LOVE to go to one of those things!


Blogger Gourmetish said...

I'd love to see one of those cook-offs too. Especially the BBQ ones.

It sounds like you've had a great time eating out!

March 30, 2006 12:15 AM  
Blogger KirkK said...

You might want to set your calendars for the Imperial Beach Surf and Turf BBQ and Chili cookoff - it's usually in June. We haven't made it yet, but sounds fun!

March 30, 2006 9:51 AM  

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