Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another week, another post...

Once again, I really have nothing – haven’t been eating out much – and I don’t want to do another “run down to the kitchen and take pictures of random foods” type of post. And my wife mentioned that we’ve spent nearly 3 times as much this year as last year (year to date, of course) on eating out. What the *&%&$%? Ah, the joys of having an accountant in the family. I’d say last year was low because I was in the middle of drum roll please the South Beach Diet – something I do not believe I have mentioned yet. I don't dare! Oh, maybe I do dare.

My Indian food kick continues with pretty much weekly trips to Punjabi Tandoor – lovin’ that place – also tried the lunch special at The Indian Tandoor at the Mira Mesa food court next to KFC and the credit union. Great deal, just $6 for two meat selections, veggie, rice, naan and yogurt. But just alright in total flavor – the Chicken Masala wasn’t as creamy and rich as Punjabi. Ah, the bathroom scale is slowing moving up.

The same food court also has Amarin Thai – a rare food court restaurant with table service. Went recently with a group of coworkers – most had the beef salad, which looked tasty (around $7.25), I had the Yellow (or was it red?) Chicken Curry, tasty and just $5.95 as a lunch special, came with a watery soup, small salad and a mini egg roll – really tiny, which was fine with me.

Hope to get some real restaurant reviews going sometime...


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