Sunday, May 07, 2006

Random Bits

Just a few random bits today...

A Taste of Escondido
It's happening May 13th - they call it Tour de Fork. $25 - I think I'll pass since we just did the other one, but it sounds pretty good but I have no idea on the number of restaurants. I've never been to downtown Escondido, I knew there were some nice restaurants but I didn't know about all the art galleries. It sounds like a fun area to explore - although, I would imagine just a few blocks or is it bigger? Is it quaint? Or not so much?

One last cheese curd link
Can you stand it? Forgot to post this one last time: a curd entry on something called Slashfood. I see another entry on the site just linked to all the San Diego blogs including this very one. Lots of good reading on that site.

Indian food in Carmel Mountain Ranch
I've noticed this place for awhile, but Delhi Kitchen, near Trader Joe's, does a weekend buffet for all of $6.99. Pretty good - you get the Chicken Makhani (or am I thinking Karhai or Vindaloo - I can't keep all these straight!) and of course Masala, many veggie dishes plus the Tandoor Chicken. I wonder if they change it up? Missing was Chicken Saag which is usually really good. The website says Sat. and Sun. buffet, but the sign on the door says from 11:00 to 3:00 so it may not be ALL day. As always, I overeat at these things - I'm probably better off with a couple item combo.


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