Monday, April 24, 2006

Taste of Hillcrest

This blog, yes, my very own blog, started with a “Taste of…” last September. Anyone remember when I vowed never to go to one again? Well, we did it again. Taste of Hillcrest was on Saturday from noon until 4.

We got down there about noon, picked up our tickets from will call and got started. We did this “Taste of” in the rain 2 years ago and skipped last year. 30 restaurants were on the list – even Chipotle! I had ticket number 1500 (they told walk ups that they had sold out) so I’d assume at least that many people ate. We got our red map (perfect for spotting fellow participants!) and started off – $25 got you a sample at each of the 30 restaurants. You go right to the restaurant – thus the need for that map. I’ll try to give a short burp about each. And I did snap a few pictures – but I perceived a few odd glances and forgot about that after awhile. I don’t know how others do it.

Hash House a Go-Go

I nickname this one Hash House a Yum-Yum. Tasty large portions rule the day here – reviews sometimes say the portions are TOO oversized – now that is something my mind can’t comprehend. Too much food? It doesn’t make sense. Here, for the taste, the sample was served outside, so the line was short and we had our first sample: a small cup of corn chowder. We agreed, it was delish!

Dessert case at David’s Coffee House

David’s Coffee House was up next – here the line was longer as the samples were served in the rear, on the back patio, so the line went nearly out the door, but it moved quickly. They had carrot cake, and two types of coffee cake – plus what must have been the house coffee blend. I remember this place was a real dessert winner with us last time. They say they get their desserts from nearly 20 different local suppliers – the coffee cake, I was told, was made by a woman in Mission Beach.

Jamba Juice (which I have never been to – I know, it’s like saying you’ve never been to McDonald’s) served up 8 oz cups of a variety of flavors. I had mango something. Next door, Starbucks served up a couple of Frappuccino in thimbles.

Now I get the order mixed up – were we at Nami Sushi first or was it Rannoosh? (I’ve already tossed out that aforementioned map) I think it might have been Rannoosh – billed as Lebanese / Mediterranean cuisine. We waited in line and after a brief wait, were seated – that’s a new one! – at an empty table, waited a minute or two and were served a couple of falafels and a couple of small pastry squares. In their haste they gave us an empty bowl that was supposed to have the dip. No – it wasn’t used, just (as my uncle would say) dry as a fart.

Then it was on to Nami Sushi

Just as you see – a couple of pieces of teriyaki chicken with a couple of California rolls. Sushi Itto and Ono Sushi also served up samples – one had a line that was too long, the other had a short buffet line. Crush gave out your choice of baked goat cheese & smoked salmon bruschetta appetizers or little crackers with a small piece ahi tuna. Tasty – and I guess the most inventive so far. Taste of Szechuan in a strip mall next to Hue’s Hair Treatment Center (or something like that) served up Peppery Beef with a Cream Cheese Wonton.

Taste of Thai plate

A nice sample at Taste of Thai – cucumber salad, chicken satay with peanut sause, pad thai and something else. I overhead one woman say this was absolutely her favorite restaurant. I’ve read that Celadon across the street is better.

The Saigon on Fifth sample

Coincidentally, Master Blogger Kirk just reviewed this place. Seems liked a nice place and they had the line moving quickly, zip, right around that statue. I heard a couple complain that the sauce was too sweet – I thought it was fine and not too thick.

Dad always said you can have dessert first – what if you don’t have room for it later? Ben and Jerry’s gave a small sample of any ice cream you wanted – just the right amount! Dessert courses could also be found at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (do it yourself chocolate covered strawberries dipped in the flowing milk chocolate) and Kemo Sabe (a nice brownie with ice cream - we think they did the same 2 years ago).

Corvette Diner

Corvette Diner served a fairly dry hamburger from a heated tray – we could put a couple of toppings on it and got out the door. Terra served up Kobe Beef Sliders – yum! I tried to gobble it down in one bite – but couldn’t quite get it….


How will it all end? Will he throw up? Will he get to Chipotle? Stay tuned, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

And now, I ask, would it be crude to suggest that some of you click on those little Google Adsense ads up there in an effort to line my wallet?

Oh. It would be? Sorry!


Blogger GarlicLover28 said...

Nice to read another San Diego food blog- I wish we could have made it to Taste of Hillcrest- we volunteer at the zoo on saturdays so the timing didn't quite work out. Sounds like you had a good tasting sesh.

Keep up the great blogging!

April 25, 2006 9:11 AM  
Anonymous Rorie said...

Sounds like fun - Crush Wine Bar is one of my favorite places for little bites before or after a movie...

April 25, 2006 10:03 AM  
Blogger Maria Palma said...

I definitely need to check that out next year as I am quite the food fanatic myself :) By the way, did you notice if any of the restaurants provided exceptional customer service?
(p.s. I clicked the google ad)

April 25, 2006 7:31 PM  
Anonymous Kirk said...

Hi Scott - Ok, so I'm making sure to click the google ads everytime I come by...hope you make a zillion! Nice post, we've been to Ranoosh a few times, but I haven't posted on them yet. Hope you had enough to eat. LOL!

April 26, 2006 8:33 PM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Everything sounds so great. I've always wanted to go but iffy since I'm a vegetarian. How's the vegetarian fare there, anyways?

August 24, 2007 11:08 AM  

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