Saturday, April 01, 2006

T.G.I. Fridays!

God, this place is some damn kind of yummy I can’t stop myself from going there every Friday. They have the best $12.99 three-course meal deal. You know how I loves a deal and this one, baby, is it! This puts every restaurant on the big restaurant week $30 showdown to complete shame.

Not much mystery about this restaurant, eh? I used to think it was only open on Friday, but no way man, it is open and ready for everyone 7 DAYS A WEEK! Now, the atmosphere is busy and noisy. There are lots of servers running about and the executive chef clearly has his eye on the dining room at all times. As one might expect, service is generally efficient, friendly, yet professional and courses always well paced. And the food? Both the flavors and textures were top notch. Now, don’t go in expecting truffle infused foie gras and poached baby kumamoto oysters and you’ll be fine.

“Tell me more, dammit, about that $12.99 meal deal, Scott!” you are all screaming now, I’ll bet.

Well, gather up the kids, here it is: You can pick either the indulgent menu or the “Guilt Free” (without being Taste Free!) menu and it’s all just $12.99 for 3 freakin’ courses! Naturally, you get a special selection of six appetizers (I nearly always go for the Chipotle Queso Dip – YUMMMMMY!) Then your choice of twelve entrees (but you can only pick one unless you want to pay extra). You might like that Key West Shrimp or the world famous RIBS! And then a choice of three desserts (my pick: Cinnabon Cheesecake made with a real cinnamon roll chopped up into a cheesecake, drizzled with hot fudge and topped with a flaming banana.) How could you go wrong?!!??

Of course, this place has garnered mostly rave reviews, but a few people have been under whelmed but I clearly can’t agree with those (classless?) people. All in all, well seasoned, very light, very fresh and very good food. And seriously folks, this place is going to have you running home to your underwear drawer – it’s so good you’ll be filling your pants! (Note: I did find out that this deal has expired in some regions).

And now…
After 7 months and as April begins, with this post I end my foodie blog and announce I will be converting it immediately to adult movie discussion – the first topic: the movie Bra Breakage 17!



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