Thursday, April 20, 2006

Eatin’ the North County Way Part 2

Da Kitchen
I got an email wondering how I could possibly forget Da Kitchen in Scripps Ranch – way on the southern end on Carroll Canyon Road a block from the 15. Tons of offices here – a real business park – so it gets a big lunch crowd. I just made it there today – had a pleasant meal on the patio. I asked order girl what their specialty was or what was her favorite and heard Teriyaki Salmon or Chicken. I find the teriyaki can be overwhelming so ordered the Kalua Pork – pork cooked so tender it falls of da bone!

$7.75. Meat, rice and macaroni salad. Holy tomkat kids, you get a ton of meat for that price – the entire large section of the Styrofoam takeout box was packed full with pulled pork! It comes with a red sauce that was slightly/moderately spicy. I really should have just ate half of it, but ended up gobbling the whole thing down. The macaroni salad really wasn’t anything. Maybe next time I’ll get the Loco Moco which Kirk gives a thumbs up. This place is right next door to one of the best Carl Jr.’s in the whole west coast. Also next door is a sushi place (seemed pretty empty) and Chez Nous (went there when we first moved to San Diego – I had a sandwich as I recall. I’ll eat there again before I report on here. I would not want to rush judgment.)

Anyone ever eat at Shozen way at the east end of Mira Mesa Blvd.?


Anonymous Kirk said...

Hi Scott - I think Da' Kitchen has probably the best plate lunch (right now) in the greater San Diego area. I've never been able to finish most of the plate lunches there - almost an obscene amount of food as well. Nice folks as well, I was just there yesterday.

April 21, 2006 8:51 AM  
Anonymous Leanne said...

I don't know... when I went to Da Kitchen, the chicken teriyaki was full of fatty parts, which I don't like. I'm willing to give it another try for the kahlua pork (it's right by my office).

The sushi place has gone through a few different owners, but I like the ones there now (the original owners of Meiji Sushi, which is used to be, now run Sushi USA) and the food (both sushi and non) is good.

Chez Nous has yummy sandwiches, but I'm too scared of getting yelled at by the owners for whatever reason.

We go to Shozen when we want Korean food without having to drive to Convoy St. I wouldn't say it's as good as the places on Convoy, but it'll do in a pinch.

April 21, 2006 9:29 AM  

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