Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eatin’ the North County Way Part 1

Inland that is. Not coastal. Every now and then I’ve been told that I put pen to paper appallingly terribly with horrifying run on sentences but let us stop thinking about that now but wait this an web log and paper and pens makes little sense and because as mentioned before, now it’s time to do a quick run down of the restaurants of the San Diego Inland North County area – for these purposes I’ll keep it centered on Poway, Scripps Ranch and Rancho Peñasquitos and that nearby surrounding area, but I’ll leave out Rancho Bernardo and points north, surely the area is surrounded by a fair share of chain restaurants – On The Border, Buca di Beppo and Applebee’s to the south in Mira Mesa and Chevy’s and Marie Callender's (never been to that last one – good pies, I’ve heard) to the north in Carmel Mountain Ranch not to mention that place where you can jump a claim. But I will skip those and concentrate on the local restaurants. I’ll call these FireFlyFiftyFive’s Quick Ones™

Jose O’Reilly’s
I remember (a few years ago after we first moved here) eating at a restaurant right in the Peñasquitos “town center” shopping area called Jose O’Reilly’s – said to be a mix of Irish and Mexican. I didn’t really see it – I probably had a fajita special. I asked my wife if she remembered it and she said “Oh, God, it was shit”. I don’t think she meant it was “the shit” in a good way either so I’ll just move on. I don’t know if the place is still there – they still have a somewhat defunct website. Are they still there? I'd give them another try.

I’ve mentioned Mesquite a few times here – it’s close by, dark blue inside, and something of a special occasion restaurant for us when we don’t want to drive far, plus it feels like you are under water when you are there. The name of the game here is fish and meat prepared simply over a mesquite fired grill served up with a couple of dipping sauces (I wonder if they come from a bottle or are homemade?) and your choice of side. Fish seems fresh, service is friendly – it’s a nice place to share a bottle of wine and have a dinner out. Most entrée’s are around $20+, a few cheaper rice bowls – they also have a Mon. – Thurs. foodie happy hour until 6:30 in which the appetizer menu is half off. Hmm half off – reminds me of that old Michael Jackson joke. Anyhow, this place is right off The 15 at the Scripps Poway Parkway/ Mercy Road exit (look beyond the KFC!)

That is about it. Let me know if you hear of any others so I can do part two. Yes, there is that Thai place in the place that used to have a pizza place and that French place which I’ve mentioned here. Yanni has a bistro. Plus surely there are restaurants on Poway Road worth mentioning – I’ve heard that Italian place is good. So, over the course of a full ten part series I will mention or refer to many more restaurants – all no further than 5 miles from my bed.

Another blog
Saw another area blog – from GarlicLover28 called Good Eats in San Diego - this one is jam packed with restaurant visits.


Anonymous Leanne said...

I'm happy to have found these SD food blogs (if I had the time, I'd definitely put one up myself), so I'm de-lurking to give you some suggestions for restaurants. Poway - Miami Grill (across from the Panda Express), there's a good Thai/sushi place near the UltraStar theater called Cafe de Thai, Golden Spoon has the best frozen yogurt, there's a new Afghan place called Pamir Kabob House near the Winchell's Donuts, and MexiCantina (near Denny's) has some decent food (and a Sunday brunch). RPQ has a great sushi place (Sushi USA) off the 15, across from the McDonald's. And, Yanni's Bistro in Scripps Ranch is tasty for lunch (never been there for dinner). Also, in that same center is an okay Thai place and a new wrap/pita/salad place called Cook's. And the new Fishgrille by Wendy's and Chili's.

Those are the places I've been to. I hope you get to trying some of them and like them. I did check out the Indian place in Miramar based on your post!

April 20, 2006 10:04 AM  
Blogger FireFlyFiftyFive said...

Thanks for the long list - I've been to some of those places once (Miami Grill and the Mexican place next to Denny's) and a few times to Yanni's and quite a few times to that Thai place in the same shopping center - which I think is pretty good. And the rest I will try out sometime.

How did you like that Indian restaurant? It's my current favorite cuisine so I made it back there for a late lunch last week and almost went yesterday again. Yum! The lunch specials are under 6 bucks for choice of meat, choice of veggie, rice and naan. It's all premade so you just point and they serve it up.

April 20, 2006 1:46 PM  
Anonymous Leanne said...

I really liked the Indian place. The guy was super nice, and he threw in a funny whole-egg-curry because I must have had the most puzzled look on my face when he mentioned it (I went with lentil curry and the chicken). It was spicier than I'm used to, but good enough to make me endure the fire. Too much rice for me, but I made sure to scarf down all the garlic naan!!

April 21, 2006 9:25 AM  
Anonymous Rorie said...

Thanks for the North County Inland tips! We live in RB and love love love our local eateries - Bernardo's, French Market Grill, Pearl, Passage to India, Spices Thai, Kabob House, Fortune Cookie etc etc etc.....the funny thing is, we either stick to the RB neighborhood or head to the uptown or coastal neighborhoods, I've never been to any of the RP or SR places you mentioned ... will have to give them a try!

April 25, 2006 10:02 AM  

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