Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Taste of Hillcrest - the big finale!

…and we spent the rest of the afternoon eating.

The end!

Okay, just a short wrap up from the post yesterday.

Longest line award: Hamburger Mary’s – went out the door. Once you got in thru the patio you still had to wind your way to the back. People leaving said it was good – chicken wings. And they were very good – though I hardly ever have chicken wings. I didn’t see any actual wings – all legs and meaty with a good spice. But worth the 20+ minute wait? Nah. I suppose it was the failing of the staff to serve it up – we were forced to scoop out our own lemonade from a punch bowl and grab how many wings we wanted. They could have just had it in cups and plates ready for us like everyone else. By far, the longest wait.

The “Rules” at Mary’s. I can’t say I agree with #6.

Wine: A couple of places had wine samples: Wine Steals and The Wine Lover. Just a small sample of one wine at each. Wine Steals also had little tasty sandwiches.

Mexican: Mama Testa Taqueria: a choice of a beef taco or a small caesar salad. Baja Betty’s: chicken or carnitas tacos with small margaritas samples. Both places were tasty.

The worst?

We were waiting for the elevator to go up to Martini’s Above Fourth (on the second floor, apparently no stairs since people were waiting for the elevator) and someone getting off said that the crabcakes were the size of dimes. Automatic skip for us. An hour later we overheard someone complaining about those tiny crabcakes. Yet, I can’t confirm since we didn’t go up.

And so that is it.

Betty’s and Mary’s were the busiest with regular lunchtime customers – and is the mid afternoon meal called “linner”? And one final word of advice: If you go on one of these all afternoon eating adventures be sure to take a clean pair of undies – you just might befoul your shorts without even knowing it with all the eating and walking.

Oh, and on that note, I should say we skipped that burrito place.

Let me know if you hear of other tastes – I do know about Taste of Adams Ave. in June. Smaller, but just 10 bucks! There is an homemade ice cream shop there that is to die for!

I’m slightly disappointed in how the pictures turned out on the blog posting from yesterday. The originals are pretty good, but they scaled down and lost sharpness and they aren't clickable dammit. I usually resize before posting but left these in the 1280 x 980 size that I took them in. Whoops. I’m in awe of some of the pics posted on area blogs – Kirk always does a great job and the blog “What We’re Eating” has crystal clear photos. Surely one of them is a professional photographer. I have lots to figure out here – I’d like to add my very own banner to the page.


Anonymous Kirk said...

Hey Scott - Thanks for the kind words - but if I could write like you, I wouldn't need photos! Keep up the good work.

April 26, 2006 8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen signs for Taste of North Park, but I'm not sure when it is.

May 06, 2006 10:40 AM  

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