Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reuben Tuesday

Last week, I guess the old fashioned taco Tuesday got upgraded some how as The Linkery introduced Reuben Tuesday™ for all us masses. After apparently disappointing many fans around Saint Patty’s Day, a large batch of corned beef was commissioned and last Tuesday the Reuben had reappeared on the menu.

My wife had the Sausage Tacos ($11.50 – yes, taco Tuesday is back!) made with a link of Chicken Curry Sausage – take your pick of any link available that day (they usually have 3) served up on grilled corn tortillas with fresh pico de gallo, cabbage, and queso fresco and served with jicama black bean salad. Yes, I took that from the website menu. And it’s probably a run-on sentence.

I got the Reuben ($15.50 – is it okay to say Yikes to my lunching buddies? Hey, it is what it is.) paired with the Death and Taxes black lager from little ol' Moonlight Brewing in Sonoma County. The Reuben is served as an “open-faced” sandwich, topped with white cheese with the sauerkraut hidden beneath the meat. Delicious. Yet, I couldn’t help notice that a neighboring table got a bigger portion. Eh, call it “plate envy”. Pickle slices and homemade style potato chips finish off the plate. Of course, we started out with a cheese plate (around $12) and finished the meal up with a couple of desserts: their homemade pound cake topped with cream, kiwi and strawberries. Plus we got the awesome Linkery made Oaxacan chocolate ice cream with cacao nibs. (Each around $6.) This was a huge success!


Blogger jef said...

Sausage tacos? That seems to be a stretch, but hey, it could work. I'd like to see some pics of those if you got any...

April 24, 2007 11:48 PM  

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