Thursday, May 31, 2007

Alice Q. Foodie sez it is time fer a new post.

It’s been a month, I couldn’t have gone a whole month without eating, dammit!

Yes, I forgot about the blog for all of May so I have time-traveled (if that is possible) back in time to get this post in. We went to Market Restaurant in Del Mar nearly a month ago – I’ll get to the post in a few days. I guess I have some writers block going on with that one and so much time has gone by I can probably just write, uh, the braised beef ribs were good. I do have plenty of chain eating to write about though. Applebee’s! Outback! Famous Dave’s! Chili’s! Those gems will have to wait. So will going the Downtown Disney™ way with Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. And then there was that brief stop at Napa Rose after hours of drinking. Oops, probably said too much…


Blogger Alice Q. said...

It had been so long I gave up! :-) Sorry you didn't like Red Pearl Kitchen so much. I have tried all 3 of those dishes and I hated the ribs - the other two were ok.

I need to go back to Market again - that menu looks great!

June 13, 2007 12:11 AM  

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