Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brett's BBQ

Depending where you live this place is way up or over or down or out there or even WTF. Brett’s BBQ is in the oddly named 4S Ranch. No doubt a nominee for worst neighborhood name yet. I’m assuming that a Sam, a Shirley, a Sue and a Steve are the main investors. Or the main dude said, “Let’s call it Forest Ranch” and they secretary got it wrong.

Anyhow, I read about it in a North County Times article that said they do it "low and slow" in an "Ole Hickory smoker … from 12 to 14 hours". Yum. And talk of the famed smoke ring? That was enough, I checked the website and phoned in my order of a rack of spare ribs, asked the girl, “where da heck are ya?” and drove off.

OMG. Delicious. Meaty and tender. I’m not sure if they offer up more than one sauce or if it is from Sysco, nor do I know if they have homemade sides but they got all the normal ones. And you don’t get a corn bread muffin with the rib meal.

The place is in a strip mall environment, order at a counter (or phone in the order) pick up and eat at one of the few tables in or out. There is a pizza place next door – maybe Del Mar Pizza. I remember seeing ads/coupons for a Firehouse Pizza earlier this year. Is this where it was? Or is it still around.

So, big thumbs up for the BBQ – I should note that while I was raving about the ribs, my wife didn’t care that much for them. I also got a ½ pound of beef brisket that she liked (though I thought was just so-so, but hardly paid attention to it.)

Wine and Food Fest – San Dee-ag-o Style
Grand tasting on Nov. 17th. Anyone going? Let me know, we might be able to say hi to some other bloggers. I’m thinking we’ll pick up a couple of designated driver tickets (discounted to $50) just to sample the foods. We like going to wineries and wine tasting but neither of us quite want to get into that this time.

Blog stuffs…You’d think I’d update this more often. I have a couple of posts written in my head, I just have to take time to get them in. Maybe I’ll have a goal of once a week. Maybe a Sunday morning post. I have a couple of trips I can write about.


Anonymous Tara said...

We're right by 4S Ranch and I forget all about the BBQ place. The pizza place next door is Del Mar Pizza. We've never tried it though. Firehouse Pizza (or sometimes it's called Dad's) is in Carmel Mtn right next to the movie theater, not sure if there is another one though

December 12, 2007 8:55 PM  

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