Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving turkey and other weekend notes

In case someone was wondering (I have four readers! Hello, Beth and Kirk and Angie and Lisa!)Thanksgiving was a success. Turkey came out fine, made 2 types of cranberries (simply from recipes on the Ocean Spray bag), stuffing with ground pork, and garlic mashed potatoes. We did the 500-degree thing for a half an hour and lowered to 350. I don’t have a thermometer that can be left in the oven so I check the middle of both breasts after another hour and a half and found them to be at 149 and 155 so I left it go for another 20 minutes. That may have been too much since they measured over 175 the next time. Oops. We let is rest for a half an hour and then cut. We both proclaimed it perfectly moist and fine. We could have probably taken it out when I checked the bird the first time…

The whole thing was finished with a delicious dessert lovingly prepared by my good friend Marie Callender.

Did anyone eat out for Thanksgiving? My first choice would have been a newish French restaurant in Scripps Ranch, La Bastide Bistro. They were serving up (as posted on their website) ROASTED PUMPKIN SOUP WITH FOIE-GRAS CHANTILLY, GOAT CHEESE AND ORGANIC BEET SALAD, TRADITIONAL TURKEY, CONFIT LEG, STUFFED BREAST WITH MUSHROOM AND TOASTED PECAN TART, BUTTERNUT SQUASH MOUSSE AND ALMOND RUM SAUCE. $32.50. Maybe next year.

I like these long weekends – no traveling, we just stayed at home. But that is a nice chance to go out to eat a few times. Went to El Torito (Mira Mesa location) on Wednesday – don’t laugh, they have an interesting menu and it’s a comfortable, simple meal and you can stuff yourself silly for less than 20 bucks a person with drinks. We usually make it there a couple times a year.

Friday found us at Just Fabulous in Kensington – we started with soup (butternut for me and mushroom for her) then I got the kobe beef burger (ah, yummy! Thanks for the recommendation, Zen Foodist!) and my wife got ravioli (cheese filled I believe) with shrimp, sausage and ham strips. We ended it all with a peanut butter mousse dessert that plated beautifully. All of it was very good. A fairly reasonable meal (plus a glass of wine for her and a beer for me) for $80 with tip. They looked to be having a slow night, but we were early (6 or 6:30 or so) but we were seated in the best seat in the house (right in front of the dessert display!)

Finally on Sunday, made it back to Roppongi in La Jolla for their half-priced tapas happy hour (4 to 6 pm) for the second time - went last about a year ago. The two of us shared the crab cakes, mini lamb chops, kung pao calamari steak and duck quesadilla. Finished it all off with an apple tarte. Everything was very good and nicely presented with interesting sauces and flavors. No drinks for us that night, total (with a nice sized tip) was $50.


Blogger crazysalad said...

Aww, I bet you have more than 4 readers--check your stats--we're just your most faithful, talkative ones.

Your turkey looks good. I never know when the turkey is done either. It never seems to hit exactly the right temperature (160-165)--always over or under.

Sounds like a fun, food-filled weekend. I'm still eating leftover turkey at my house...


November 29, 2005 4:28 PM  
Blogger Rorie said...

The Peanut Butter Mousse cake at Just Fabulous is the best isn't it?! Especially after their Kobe Burger!

I second Roppongi too!

La Bastide is on my list of places to try & soon!


December 02, 2005 3:48 PM  

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