Sunday, June 29, 2008

Omaha! Nebraska! Whhhhaaaat?!?!

You might find yourself in Omaha sometime – you know, just traveling across the country on I-80 on one of those sum-sum-summertime roadtrips and decide it’s a reasonable stop along your trip. Let’s try it like a Q&A session…

Uh, what? A trip?
Sure, a trip. You know in a car – gas $$$ be damned!

Okay, what’s this about Omaha?
Stop that – I’m getting to it. So we probably saw about 10 states along the way between our very own San Diego, CA and our destination and back. I won’t blog about it exactly in order – but by the end you’ll see everywhere we’ve been.

Maybe. Not many. Took trip pics and a very few really almost none on the iPhone which will be called the iDude going forward. Like it?

Anyhow, it happens to be a Monday and after a full day of driving we checked in to our DogFriendly™ hotel (maybe it was a motel) and looked around and saw a Village Inn. Urp. Things are looking mighty familiar – turns out we stayed here when we first moved out to California those many years ago – okay six years ago. We looked around a little more and saw something called “BrewBurgers” up the hill and across the street.

No Hooters?
I guess not. A quick search on the internets on the iDude brought up a review that made it sound pretty good – a sports bar with pretty decent food. We headed over – no hole in the wall here, it’s a pretty big place – and what’s this, a sign on the door said that Guy Fieri of Food Network fame would be there later that week? Okay that legitimizes the place!

You can’t go wrong with “The Guy”!
I read that he’d be in Omaha – hey I had time to read the weekend section of the Omaha local paper! So we sat and found out that they have this great Monday drink special: pretty much any “M” drink for $4. For food they have burgers, salads, dinner specials (yes, you can get a steak!) and the owner’s old school favorite: the beef brisket sammich! It’s all about $10 if you want say, a regular cheeseburger or something a little different like a lamb burger or bison, salmon or tuna and so on…plus your choice of side. Go for the onion rings – battered in-house. This is key I think so so much better than those pre-battered Sysco turds.

Uh, crude, just get back to the alcohol!
So, it was any Margarita, Martini, Mai-Tai or Mojito for $4 all day on Monday. This “M” drink happy hour could cover a lot of drinkin', my friends! Any they have a nice list of specialty martinis, etc – all just $4. I don’t know what they normally charge. I got a “Millionaire Martini” with several shots of liquor – it was a strong drink! They also have a great list of brews.

Thumbs up for the BrewBurgers?
Oh sure – a great local find – exactly what you want on a roadtrip. Great food, fun, casual place to kick back and drink a few (hey it was the end of the day). I’ll be watching for it on the Food Network. But browse the menu at the link and feel free to drool. And good news, I’ve got a 10 blog posts stuck in me – lots of trip talk so if I can push them out you’ll be seeing some activity in my little ghost town on the web. And I think I just might stumble onto Omaha again! And points east and west.

So now, what about this Q&A format?

Uh…not so much. Skip it next time.

And now what about Restaurant Week 2008, the Summer Edition?
Shut up!