Sunday, February 11, 2007

Other blogs...

I don't have anything new in the works. You never know - there could be a flurry of posts coming your way soon. But probably not.

I see some newish San Diego foodie blogs have popped up recently. If you've been paying attention to the links the other bloggers have you probably know about them already. In no order except the order I am putting them in:

The I Love Food Guy. Food food food! Don't we all. Plenty of pictures of his eating adventures!

The Papaya Lady, Maia, at her very own maiapapaya blog! Mostly home cooked meals - but she flew (and, boy, are her arms tired!) to San Francisco just for a day of foodie stuffs - beautiful photography, Maia!

The San Diego Food Blog Guy. Not quite arranged as a blog with "diary-type" entries but more of a review website. Click on the list of all restaurants for easy access to his reviews. He writes that his blog "...began as a response to other ... blogs on the Internet that .... consist of bad writing and overused cliches...". I think he may be looking at me.

The Food Geek Couple. Again, home cooking. They write that they have a dog - we need doggie pictures!

The What We Dig Couple. Can you dig it, man? Lots of San Diego dining out. Like me, they usually seem to forget their camera.