Thursday, April 01, 2010

Breaking News!

And we're back!

I wasn't gone in real life but I guess I haven't posted here for a while. Big news! Starting today you'll be getting 3, count 'em 3!, posts a week out of your, I mean, my VERY own eating San Diego blog! Wow!

What fun!

Oh, you'll get all kind of eating talk that you can't get anywhere. Oh, you'll get junk about overeating at The Tractor Room - a place brought to you by the Hash House guys! Yummy! What about The Linkery? You can't go wrong there!

And what about recipes? Remember some cooking guy named Sam? He has given off one of my favorite creamed up enchilada recipe! Grab a rotted chicken! Or two! I mean a rotisserie chicken. Shred. Add a cup of salsa verde and add in green chilies or chipotles as desired and roll 'em up in tortillas and toss in a glass baking dish. Dump as much whipping cream over it all and then as much shredded monterey jack cheese as you want. Bake it up at 350 for a half hour. Eat.