Thursday, March 20, 2008

McFish McYum?

I’m lazy about this bloggin’ stuff. I’m not even eating all that good. Last week on Friday knowing that the McFishy Sammich was just $1.29 I thought I would swing thru the drive-thru and get one to bring home for a snacker mcsnack.

Yum? Does it look any better than the one last year? Anyhow it kicked off a short discussion with my wife:

“Oh, no, are you going to eat that?”


“Why? It doesn’t look like anything.”

“It was just $1.29!”

“That still sounds like a rip-off”

And so it goes. Maybe she remembers Hardee’s doing them better back in the day. Hopefully everyone is eating good out there. And I'd think with the end of Lent that fish sandwhich will be back to normal price. And what does Jack in the Box do?