Thursday, May 31, 2007

Alice Q. Foodie sez it is time fer a new post.

It’s been a month, I couldn’t have gone a whole month without eating, dammit!

Yes, I forgot about the blog for all of May so I have time-traveled (if that is possible) back in time to get this post in. We went to Market Restaurant in Del Mar nearly a month ago – I’ll get to the post in a few days. I guess I have some writers block going on with that one and so much time has gone by I can probably just write, uh, the braised beef ribs were good. I do have plenty of chain eating to write about though. Applebee’s! Outback! Famous Dave’s! Chili’s! Those gems will have to wait. So will going the Downtown Disney™ way with Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. And then there was that brief stop at Napa Rose after hours of drinking. Oops, probably said too much…