Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thee Olde Brockton Villa

A recent warm evening seemed like a perfect time to use up a gift certificate at The Brockton Villa in La Jolla. It’s right across the street from the ocean so views are excellent. We hadn’t been there yet – I’ve read that breakfasts (they sell Coast Toast by the truckload) were great with lunch and dinners a little less so. We had both remembered it being in a certain location but Yahoo! Maps showed it two blocks down on Coast Blvd. Well, of course it was where we thought it was (damn you, Yahoo!) so we got straightened out, walked an extra block or two and found it. Parking right on Coast Blvd. would require a bit of luck, I think.

I had made reservations for outside, and got a table for two right on the narrow front patio area. Oh, yes a great view! Uh…but what do they say about restaurants that have great views? Don’t think about that now. We started with the Thai Chicken Spring Rolls with Ginger-Jalapeño Dipping Sauce ($8) and a couple of drinks. Ehh, so-so spring rolls. I had a Bloody Mary – they also served up bread with a dipping sauce that was about the same as what was in the Bloody Mary.

And the entrees…for once I felt it wouldn’t be out of place to bring my camera in full tourist mode. So, check below for my entrée pictures. My wife didn’t seem too impressed with her salmon, I was very pleased with my lamb – served with some tasty meat juice and the potatoes were great.

Horseradish Crusted Organic Salmon served with Artichokes, Tomato, Asparagus, Orecchiette Pasta with Caper Vinaigrette ($24)

Mint Crusted Lamb Rack with Parsnip-Potato Gallette and Grilled Asparagus ($26)

Service was just fine up until we were done with our entrees and then it was a ghost town. Did you see that tumbleweed? Maybe he thought we wanted the table until the sun set, maybe they were short and were busy, who knows but it took a while before our plates were cleared and offered a dessert menu. At that point we passed on dessert, opting for a possible ice cream cone at Häagen-Dazs.

They could probably stand to invest in new patio chairs and tables – but that is a minor complaint. More unappetizing is the yellowing (they used to be clear!) plastic water “glasses” they use – yet drinks are served in “real” glasses so what gives? Other than those minor items and the service delay in the end (which wasn’t that big of deal) it was a pretty good meal and a great end to the work week. And hey, they are in a fricken’ historic 100 year old cottage.

For people watching from a story up, it is also really good – saw plenty of passerbys and folks trying to parallel park in an especially tight spot (but hey, who can figure that out anyhow?) I’d probably go with others I’ve read and recommend it for breakfast or a cheaper lunch to take in the great view. And of course, you could take a picnic and sit in the nearby park for free.


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