Monday, July 24, 2006

"Hot enough fer ya?"

You need some F words and S words to describe the heat this weekend. No other way to say it. Fantastically splendid? Nope, lets just try pants shittingly hot. Does that make sense? No, I guess not. But it is funny to write.

And like grandpa always said, it’s not so much the heat but the humidity! Damn muggy!

Picnic time
105 degrees on Saturday. Wow. One-hundred and flippin’ five damn degrees. And this is before noon. Ahh, luckily we had a company picnic set up in Mission Bay Park where is was a (relatively) refreshing 88 degrees. It was lovingly catered by Abbey’s Real Texas BBQ. Ribs were pretty good – not exactly fall of the bone stuff, but meaty and tasty anyhow. Add in chicken and all the sides (potato salad, slaw and beans) and you’ve got a pretty good summer time picnic. Yet, the sides were merely average.

I’m really impressed how San Diego area bloggers keep it going with new posts. Lots of good foodie talk out there. Me? I’ve got bottom of the barrel scrapings. Yes, I might even say that the
Bottom Of Barrel Dangerously Overscraped. Anyhow, a week or two ago I noticed that traffic to my site, yes, my very own blog had nearly doubled. Well, that got me to sit up and take notice. Do I want 12 daily readers? I’m stuck between, well, it would be nice if someone read this and oh, don’t read this crap.

So, I noticed something called the FoodBlogBlog had linked to me. And low and behold, it was run by our very own Tyler and Amanda Inc at What We’re Eating. Again, I say wow. Tons and ton of food blogs to work through. Thanks guys. I’m going to say this is the definitive list of all things blogging eats.


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